We decided to write this blog as a way of sharing some of our stories from past experiences fishing, tying flies, guiding, and traveling. Most of which are completely 100% true except for the names of people, some stories are slightly embellished and some are mostly made up. It's really for you to figure it out and for us to have some fun writing down some of the truly good memories we have had while immersed in fly fishing.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Hit the streams this weekend!

It should be a good weekend on the streams...Here are a few pictures that we recently captured on Spruce Creek when we went for a short afternoon.  As a rule, hit the stream when the water temperatures are at their peaks throughout the middle of the afternoon.

Take advantage of the warmer weather whenever it presents itself!


Jeff with a nice rainbow!

Monday, December 10, 2012

GEOFISH: Volume 1


Now that PA will take a brief hiatus from deer hunting, I will turn in my bow/rifle for the fly rod to do some serious fishing around Central PA.  While surfing the web I came across an new DVD "GEOFISH."  Costa Sunglasses present their first installment, documenting a journey to fly fish in Mexico.  To say they faced a few obstacles would be an understatement but they find a way put together an amazing fly fishing journey.

Check out the link to the trailer and hopefully you got half as excited as I did for some of the saltwater fly-fishing that the anglers of Motive Fishing have captured!