We decided to write this blog as a way of sharing some of our stories from past experiences fishing, tying flies, guiding, and traveling. Most of which are completely 100% true except for the names of people, some stories are slightly embellished and some are mostly made up. It's really for you to figure it out and for us to have some fun writing down some of the truly good memories we have had while immersed in fly fishing.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Bahamas -- San Salvadore

When we picked up and took the boat across the pond for a second time this summer it was for a small billfish tournament that takes place on San Salvadore Island in the Bahamas. This time we were determined to learn from our/my mistakes and land a marlin. Ideally a blue marlin, since they count for the most points.

Thankfully, on this trip the mothership "Angel Wings" (shown below) was along for the journey that way my work load ended when the boat was washed and cleaned at the end of the night and my friends on the big boat could take over.

We did have some success on this trip and I was able to land my very first blue marlin. This blue marlin happened to be one pushing 400 pounds. A real monster. There isn't a more adrenaline pumping experience I've ever had fishing than holding on with my hands to this 400 pound monster. At any point I could make the wrong move and get tangled in the 250 pound test and this beast would rip me over the side and I'd never be seen again. It's fishing only with the fear of death. It's exhilarating. I can't wait to do it again. 

The photos below are a bunch of the best from the trip I hope you all enjoy. 

There is a storm brewing batman.

Michael with the big one on.

Action shot 400 pounder gone vertical.
Coming up to smile for us. 

Right before the release. 

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